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When you join the Boy Scouts of America, Scouting is like an extension of your family: it follows your values, it sees to the overall care and well-being of your child, and itís always there for you.

Scouting is also flexible and accommodates the need to balance the work and life requirements of a busy family. Itís easy to plan for meetings and activities, and if something unexpected comes up, just let your leader know ó itís expected in the life we live today.

Whatís also great about Scouting is that you and your child can work on achievements at your own pace. For example, if your child is in a spring soccer league and has to miss several meetings and activities, he or she still can complete and sign off on Scout activities to work toward the next level.

Plus, the skills and values your child learns through Scouting can be applied in any non-Scouting activity he or she participates in. You work together to bring the positive influence that Scouting reinforces into everything he or she does. As your child builds character, this can be an especially valuable defense to the peer pressure all youth experience when growing up.

Itís important to remember that Scouting is not an either/or choice you have to make for your child. It works with you to let you manage your time and other activities, and, like a family, will always be there when you return.