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Exploring is the career component of Learning for Life. Explorers are young men and women who have completed the eighth grade and are 14 years of age, or 15 years of age but have not yet reached their 21st birthday.

Young adults join Explorer posts to gain insight into a variety of programs that offer leadership experience, citizenship, life skills, character education and fitness, and career opportunities through hands-on activities.

Exploring is experiential learning with lots of fun-filled, hands-on activities. It promotes the conditions necessary for the growth and development of adolescent youth.

Young people need experiences that allow them to: Interact with peers and acquire a sense of belonging. Gain experiences in decision-making. Discuss conflict in values and formulate their own value systems. Reflect on self in relation to others and discover more about themselves by interaction. Experiment with their own identity. Participate as a responsible member of a group. Cultivate a capacity to enjoy life. Exploring can provide these experiences in wholesome, well-planned programs run by youth members and assisted by adult advisors.